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Over 1500 Tables Available

PINFERNO comes with 22 licensed original tables - for personal or commercial use - created by enthusiasts of the pinball community from around the world. Hundreds more are available online for personal use.

Authenticity Without Maintenance

No detail overlooked: PINFERNO's construction honours every detail of machines from the past: cabinet dimensions, button position, 100% authentic legs & lockdown bar, and tempered glass. You get the look, feel, and strength of a commercial-grade machine, built to last. Gameplay is smooth thanks to competition-grade flipper buttons and a dedicated graphics processor.

Rich Multimedia Experience

Sized to scale and measured to fit without any edges, you won't even know it's digital. Premium PINFERNO models include a 40" 4K LED playfield, a 27" 1080p backglass, and a 14" dot matrix display (DMD) monitor. Additionally, a camera tracks your body position to generate a 3-D playfield. An acoustically tuned 50-watt 2.1 sound system paired with force feedback is so strong you can "feel" the flippers.

Kits to Make it Yours, and Make Memories

Instructions are included to add 1500+ tables. Even better, the software allows you to build your own tables; be it a re-creation of your favourite (for personal use), or your own original masterpiece. To truly personalize PINFERNO, you an build your own through our kits. You'll only need basic tools, and the experience will last forever.

1 Year Warranty

Gone are the days of frequent pinball machine maintenance. PINFERNO regulates its internal temperature and contains virtually no moving parts, so you can focus on setting the high score. However, if the action gets a little too intense, you're covered with a full warranty for 1 year from date of purchase.

Full Model Feature Comparison

Scaled-replica Construction

22 tables included

1500+ tables available online

Metal/alloy lockdown & rails

Illuminated controls

Competition flipper buttons

Authentic legs

Rear ventilation

Optional custom decals

24" 1080p LED playfield 


40" 1080p LED playfield 


40" 4K LED playfield  

19" LCD backglass  
27" LED backglass 

14" LCD dot matrix display (DMD) 

Nudge buttons 
Real nudge & tilt  

Optional SSD hard drive

SSD hard drive  

Optional quad-core PC 
Quad-core PC  

Locking doors 

Tempered glass surface 

3D camera 

50W sound with subwoofer 

1 year warranty 

Force feedback flippers  

Authentic coin door  


PINFERNO Pinball is proudly designed & assembled in Canada by Storm Applied Technologies
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