PINFERNO has been pressure tested in extreme conditions to endure just about any situation. However, sometimes an issue may occur.

In many cases, a reboot is all that is required. Either use the "Exit" > "Shutdown" method outlined in the "Getting Started Manual", or lightly tap the power button under the cabinet to initiate a reboot.


A Windows Activation Window Appears

New hardware (ex. wireless keyboard/mouse) has been installed


Open the rear cabinet door. Plug in a USB keyboard/mouse. Locate the product key on the side of the computer. Make note of it and re-enter the product key into the Wndows Activation window on the screen.

Window Appears in DMD To Scan Hard Drive

Power was unexpectedly cut, or PINFERNO was improperly shut down.


Wait for the scan to finish running. It should exit cleanly and return to the HyperPin menu after a few minutes. If not, open the rear of the cabinet and plug in a USB keyboard/mouse. Move the mouse cursor to the Scan window and click "Exit"

Machine Completely Freezes, Buttons Don't Work

1.) Too many tables have been installed, hard drive full.
2.) Machine unexpectedly ran out of memory


Locate the power/kill switch under the cabinet at the front and to the right. Pull on the switch and hold it for 3 seconds. PINFERNO will forcefully power down. Lightly tap the power/kill switch to turn PINFERNO on again.

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